Customized silencing systems
to meet your application needs

System Design

PDF: Highlights

Features The blower base products by BelMar Industries are designed to accomodate a wide range of blower types and applications. The BI2 series include the blower base with an unpacked discharge silencer for blowers operating below transition speed. The BR2 series includes the blower base and discharge silencer, with acoustal packing, for use on blowers operating above transition speed.

Also available from BelMar Industries: intake silencer, intake filter, belt guard, intake silencer support bracket (with mountin band) and blower to silencer connectors with clamps.

Discharge Silencers

PDF: Chamber/Non-Packed Discharge Silencer
PDF: Chamber/Non-Packed Discharge Silencer

Model BI2 blower bases with model JC2 discharge silencers are designed for premium grade noise reduction when used in below transition speed applications. Model BR2 blower bases with model KC2 discharge silencers are designed for premium grade noise reduction when used in above transition speed applications. Fabricated of commercial grade carbon steel and include horizontal stiffeners located across the bottom side of table top. Units are standard with a coat of gray primer.

Design includes a female NPT relief valve port (shipped w/o steel plug) and 1/2 inch half coupling & plug auxiliary port intended for customer supplied temperature or pressure gauge.

Blower Base Units Intake Silencers

PDF: Industry & Residential Models

Specifications for unpacked and packed Blower Base Unit & Intake Silencer models, Belt Guards and Air Cleaners.